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January 07, 2022

Prodigi Launches TravelSafe+ to Protect Gojek and Gocar Users while Traveling

Protection for All Gojek Customer.

Prodigi, an insurance brokerage company, realizes that everyone who drives a vehicle wants security and safety during their trip. Prodigi collaborates with Gojek & Simas Jiwa Insurance to present Safe Travel+ for every gojek & gocar passenger.

The protection is in the form of guaranteed safety during the trip from the pick-up point to the destination point. So, now Gojek users—both GoRide and GoCar—only need to pay an additional fee of IDR 1,000 for one trip to get this facility.

"With an additional fee of IDR 1,000, users get safety protection of up to three types of coverage," said Chief Business Development Officer of the Program, Jason Hue.

The three types of coverage include medical expenses of IDR 7 million if you have a minor accident, then coverage of IDR 350 million if you have an accident that results in permanent disability.

Then, for users who have an accident resulting in death will also get insurance of IDR 350 million.

Jason Hue added that Prodigi believes digital channels have an important role as an easier, safer, and faster bridge for the general public to access protection for their activities and needs.

"To activate Safe Travel+, passengers can simply activate it by clicking the green button on the GoRide or GoCar ordering page in the Gojek application. Once activated, the TravelAman+ premium is automatically added to the travel costs and the protection will be activated immediately when the trip begins," he explained.

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