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Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a type of protection that covers medical and surgical expenses, prescription drugs, and other essential health benefits for you. This insurance compensates medical costs covered in the policy due to illnesses or accidents and reimburses health services ranging from medical check-ups, hospitalization, and medications covered in the policy.

Health Insurance covers :

a. Inpatient Expenses
b. Outpatient Expenses
c. Maternity Expenses
d. Optical Benefit (such as prescription glasses)
e. Dental Care
f. General Check Up

Based on the insured party, there are two categories of Health Insurance, namely :

  1. Individual Health Insurance

    Despite the term, Individual Health Insurance can generally cover your family members, in addition to the individual insured.

  2. Group Health Insurance

    Group Health Insurance provides benefits for a group of individuals, or companies or business owners, offering protection to employees and employees' families. On average, insurance company requires a minimum of 3 to 5 employees to register in Group Health Insurance.

One of the Health Insurance programs that Prodigi has marketed digitally, in collaboration with Gojek, is Mitra+.
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