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Money Insurance

Money Insurance indemnifies the safety of money or checks against the risk of theft, robbery, and break-in. Money Insurance consists of these following products :

  1. Cash in Safe

Indemnifies against the risk of loss due to theft in a safe or cashier box, the occurrence of loss, theft and damage to the insured objects (money, checks, securities and or objects equal to money) in a safe, and damage or loss in a building or strong room (storage of insured objects) 

Factors considered :

  • The amount of money saved

  • The security system of the place where the money is saved

  • The shape, placement size, brand, year, and safe’s open-close security system  

  • The construction / occupancy of the storage area of the safe

  • The location and surrounding risk of the building

  • The location security system

  • The person in charge of the safe

  • Moral Hazard and credibility.

  1. Cash In Transit

Protects from loss of money whilst in transit due to robbery or accidents, resulting in money being damaged or lost, whilst in transit en-route to final destination.

Factors considered :

  • The amount transported

  • Conveyances and storage during transportation

  • Security System

  • Route and Distance

  • Human Resource / Moral Hazard related

  • The business activity related (whether in trouble or not).